Cameron Wright


The interaction between military and other arduous training on the female menstrual cycle has not yet been well documented.

The Female Endocrine effects of Arduous Training study currently being undertaken at RMA Sandhurst is breaking new ground in this area for the British military.

I am undertaking the development of a mobile application working with other members of academic staff at University of St Andrews.

Project started: June 2017


The Smart Energy Analytics and Disaggregation System provides fine-grained tracking of home electrical appliances direct to your smartphone.

Install a single device to monitor energy usage for all devices connected to a single circuit in your home.

I worked as part of a team of five University of California, Santa Cruz students to develop a working Android application displaying live data.

Project started: January 2017


The Google Chrome extension that keeps your tabs organised and keeps you on task by blocking distracting sites during work time.

Developed with five other amazing students at University of California, Santa Cruz in Fall 2016.

Project started: September 2016


These places made me me

University of St Andrews

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Class of 2018

University of California, Santa Cruz

St Andrews Abroad

UCEAP 2016/17


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