Danzantes Unidos de California Representatives

This year el Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas will be representing UCSC in Fresno through the dance of the region of Sinaloa

Seven couples were selected to dance in Fresno, California for this year's annual dance conference, where dancers from all over the world unite and dance the Mexican regional dance of Folklorico

This is the list of the ladies' names

This is the list of the men's names

  1. Sergio Velazquez aka Checholas con Botas
  2. Brandon Melendez
  3. Brian Martinez
  4. Javier Herndandez
  5. Alex Solano
  6. Edward Valenzuela
  7. Michael Amster
This is one of the songs that we will be performing for the region of Sinaloa. It is called El Olotito

If you want to learn more about Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas feel free to email me at: cabolano@ucsc.edu

HELLO THERE, Do you want to see something cool go see this program