Been a long time comin'

My grandfathers journey through education

Papa, what was going on during your time?

From a young age, my grandfather had worked on a mission, and had gone through the necessary schooling and he recognized that manual labor was in his future.

School through his lifetime

"Higher education just was not a thing I thought about, I knew physical labor was in my future"

Mike Bratten

Born in ____ Attended these school during Elementary, Secondary, _____. Fought in the Vietnam War from ____ to _____. Attended __ Community College from ____ to ___. He then left the education scene in order to pursue a career at Edison?

After coming back from Vietnam, having acquired a lot of backlash from the general public, he used the status from the GI Bill to enroll in a community college from one to two years.

  1. Elementary School
  2. Secondary School
  3. High School into Community College

Picture above of is the Witteck, Bratten and Owen family members

Author: Brett Witteck

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