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Thread: Lucid Thread Games

Thread is an emotionally charged walking sim exploring the lived experience of combat veterans struggling with PTSD and suicide and explores the limits of games as a medium for storytelling. I organizes team goals and milestones and performs check-ins with team members and discusses their current work and blockers.

Light: Light

A puzzle game built with the Greenfoot API in an introduction to java course in community college. Music was an early exploration into programmable sound.

Hades: Endless Runner

A simplistic endless runner in two stages. Completed as part of CMPM 120 at UCSC. An experiment in parralax scrolling and drawing my own assets.

Nyctophobia: Nyctophobia

A group project for CMPM 120. I took on the role of programmer and level designer for this game. An interesting project that taught me that raycasting is complicated. Raycasting was used for the dynamic lighting.

Against the Swarm: Prototype Build

Against the Swarm: Demo Build

A three week group project for Intro to Software Engineering. We managed to built the underlying logics of the game, but not have time to balance the gameplay.

Summer School Summer School

A physics puzzler about managing your time and energy.


25 Kingdoms: Rules

A territory control game played with a standard 52 card deck. Just from an a challenge in Challenges for Game Designers. The games random elements effectively balance competition and close games are common.

Gerry: Rules (Double Print)

A territory control game where players subtle adjust the board in order to outwit their opponents. It uses a standard 42 card deck.

Catan, but without Dice: No Link Yet :(

A modification on The Settlers of Catan that removes the random resource generation from the game. Rebuilt aspects of production, road-laying, settling, upgrading settlements to cities and added a fog of war. The removal of some information was necessary to prevent calculation overload.

Katamari Roll!: Rules, Printable Pieces, Write-Up

A group projects for CMPM 176 Game Systems. A Euro-style board game adaptation of Katamari Damacy.

Revelation: Rules

A two player information game using 24 cards from a standard playing deck.

Role-Playing Game Newsletters: NewsLetters

This is a series of game report and world-building focused single page newsletters for players with my Swords and Wizardry role-play group. They are designed in adobeInDesign with a greyscale palette.

Swords and Wizardry Micro Character Sheet: Sheet 4 Sheet Spread

A quarter sized character sheet for the Swords and Wizardry role-playing game. An experirment in condensing information, while still maintaining usability. Effective use of space is the name of the game. I find a lot of times character sheets are too large to quickly navigate.

Playground Games: Proposal

A Proposal for a platform analysis of the Nintendo Game Boy. How did it cement Nintendo's control of protable games for fifteen years? How does it embody Gunpei Yokoi's motto of "lateral thinking with withered technology"?

March .mp3

An appro 125 second track built on the virtual Pico 8 computer sample. I composed the piece to have a strong continuity across patterns, except where I attempt to create a satisfying build-up and drop in a more contemporary style.

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