Finding Myself at UCSC

From SoCal to NorthCal

I transfered to UC Santa Cruz from Los Angeles Valley Community College. I am a first generation college student, and very proud of it. Transferring to UC Santa Cruz has been one of the scariest and best decisions of my life. It has become a second home away from home. Being away from home has challenged me in so many different ways and has allowed me to grow even more as an individual. I am an Residential Assistant at the Transfer Community as well as a front office personnel at the Orientation Office. I will be graduating in June 2017 and hope to serve as a good rolemodel for my nieces.

Some of the challenges I faced my first year as a transfer:

  1. The homesickness was real.
  2. Got lost my first day of class.
  3. Missed my friends and others close to my heart.

Here are some of the ways in which I overcame the challenges I faced my first year as a transfer:

  • Got involved in community service. I volunteered as a teacher's assistant at Gault Elementary School.
  • Explored campus on my free time to find out which routes were best to take.
  • Made time to go home every so often to reboot!
  • Surrounded myself with friends here at UCSC that have become an amazing support system!
    If you have any questions send me an email!