Eat Durian!

It's Good For You

Durian is extremely popular and extremely nutritious fruit primarily found in Asian/SE Asian countries. It has a reputation for being the smelliest fruit in the world. You can buy it at asian markets like H-Mart, Farmers Markets, and Seafood City. Here the youtuber, Matt Stoney, shows some of the many ways you can buy and eat Durian.

Why Should You Eat This Smelly Fruit

How Do You Eat This Smelly Fruit?

  1. Acquire one spikey/smelly boi (Durian)
  2. Place the durian stem side down
  3. Using a large knife, make a 3-4 inch cut through the thick skin at the top.
  4. Pull apart the skin to reveal the tender, edible part of the fruit. Be careful of the hard stones!
  5. Enjoy!
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