Welcome to the world of clumsy, cute penguins!

Cuddly, fluffy, and loving creatures they are indeed!!


Penguins are very lovely.
They are so FULL of personality (')>

I think penguins are adorable because:
  1. They look like fluff balls when they are chicks.
  2. They wobble side to side as they walk through their winter wonderland.
I would love to meet and observe penguins in their natural habitat someday!!
  • That is why I am planning a trip to Antartica!! What a dream come true!!
  • I cannot believe it!

    Here is a silly video of penguins being their natural clumsy selves! ~~~ (')> ~~~

    You can contact me regarding my upcoming adventures at ... bsaephan@ucsc.edu and also if you would like to join me!!