I am Ben Smithers and this is my website. I mostly am using this as just a means of turning in some of my homeworks, but might post other things here that I find interesting.


Phys 210

Classical Mechanics. There's just one project in here, and it's a javascript simulation of a mass swinging around on a spring.

Math 145

A class on Chaos Theory. This link leads to a list of homeworks.


The Game Of Life

My attempts to recreate "The Game of Life." A little buggy at the moment, though this project is abandoned.

Various Simulations

Non-deterministic and deterministic numerical simulations. Right now only has a simulation of a cosmic ray inducing an eletromagnetic shower in the Earth's atmosphere.


FLUKA simulations to predict leakage current in the proposed International Linear Collider's Silicon Detector's Beamline Calorimeter.