Barack Obama:A Change Gonna Come!

I'm Here to Bring That Change!

By Late 2006, Barack Obama was already the most exciting presidential candidate for the party.

These are pictures of perceptions about Obama:

  1. "The Focus group saw Barack Obama as the most intriguing candidate, describing him as "smart","charismatic","articulate", and "independent".
  2. Obama is clearly seen as the best candidate in my eyes, but just becuase he was the best in my eyes didn't mean that he was the best in other people eyes. But in this quote above is giving the people insight about how everyone else in the world viewed him. Everyone had their own opinion of this man, but these words the focus group used to describe this candidate seems to be very convincing of how great of a candidate Obama is.

  3. "Becuase the bottom of the line is the country is racist, and no matter what this man does, and how intelligent he is, nobody wants to see a black man be president and to be controlled by somebody who is African-American."
  4. Based on this comment, America is such a racist country to where, they are afraid of seeing another face in the white house. Why does the color of a person skin matter so much? This man has proved himself to this country, but being that he is not the right color to this society of people, he is not good enough to run a country. I thought America was all about equality, but apprently I was wrong becuase America is not accepting of a black man to become president. America is such a racial country becuase the color of a person skin determines who is "good" enough to be president.

  5. "They employed Obama's family, hoping tthat the images of a strong and loving family would convey values with which all Americans could identity".
  6. Being that Obama campaign was enduring problems from all different aspects, the campaign needed some help. So they began to have to result to showing the world how important family is. In America, family is the main priority and by the campaign displaying Obama's family it is showing America another side to Obama. It is showing that Obama is not all about just leading this country, but he is also about having a strong family, who sticks with him every step of the way. Thes images of his family projects new ideas upon the voters in order for them to get better insight about this specific candidate.

  7. " They were proud over this chance for a fresh start under the leadership of a man who had been viewed not so many months earlier as the most unlikely presidential prospect in all of American history".
  8. Throughout all the doubts that everyone had about this man, he still overcame everything everyone ever said about him. I find it amusing how America found him as an unfair person becuase of him being African-American, but yet he still beat all odds and won. Barack Obama is the first African-American president and he knew the trials that he would have to face becuase of his ethnicity, but that one downfall as well as many others still couldn't tear this man down. Both America and Obama won becuase now America is given a fresh start with looking at a fresh new face. Obama provided America a fresh new face to look at, and I highly respect this man for all that he did.

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