$lug Lyfe

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I love my housies. after a long day of studying, all I wanna do is come home and talk to them.

What I like about my housemates:

  • they are so hilarious LIKE WOW
  • we go on spontaneous In-n-Out trips because we're fun
  • they are $o fun to hang out with
  • If they had super powers, they would choose:

    1. "To eat ten hot dogs in 30 seconds."
    2. "To grow a mustache INSTANTLY, whenever I wanted to."
    3. "To be able to stuff ten jumbo marshmellows in my mouth."
    4. "To be able to get all the knowledge I can get."

    What is Amy's favorite food? What is Brandon's favorite food? What is Jon's favorite food? What is Stephen's favorite food?
    Check out Stephen's beautiful webpage because you know you want to.
    Email me here more information about POP PT y'all.