Teaching for Success

2nd edition now available!

Brad Olsen's book, Teaching for Success: Developing your Teacher Identity in Today's Classroom, 2nd edition has been released by Routledge Publishers. Sharing valuable research and practice discussions around the core concept of teacher identity, Olsen offers his own professional learning experience for prospective, new, and experienced educators: how to recognize, adjust, and maximize the many ways your personal self and your professional self become integrated in your teaching work. Available at Routledge.

Now available in paperback...

Olsen's (2008) Teaching What They Learn, Learning What They Live: How Teachers' Personal Histories Shape Their Professional Development. This research book examines how teachers' own biographies influence the kind of early-career teachers they become, and what kind of role university teacher education plays in this professional learning process. Available at Amazon.

Making a Difference: Developing Meaningful Careers in Education (2010) by Karen Hunter Quartz, Brad Olsen, Lauren Anderson, and Kimberly Barraza Lyons examines the lives and work of Los Angeles educators in order to investigate why teachers stay in the urban classroom or shift into other education roles such as school administrator, curriculum coordinator, or teacher educator. This research book explores the urban teaching profession and offers a roadmap for how teachers can remain challenged and satisfied without relaxing their commitments to students. Available at Amazon.

The Teacher's Toolkit box set (2010). The six books in this series, written by 13 prominent scholars, present successful teacher practices based on research, experience, and professional wisdom. The series, edited by Brad Olsen, is designed for teachers, administrators, students, and scholars eager to think more deeply, broadly, and practically about the contemporary landscape of teaching. Available at Routledge or Amazon.

Updated 10/12/2015