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Instead of a personal page for this CMPE 3 assignment, below you will find a data visualization of the car maintanence in regards to car parts based on their expectancy based on data found from YourMechanic and Edmunds.

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The Breakdown

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Brian Nguyen in collaboration with Suresh K Lodha and Ryan Brounley.
We obtained our sources from and by looking at FAQ’s, and articles that stated the average mileage expectancy for a particular car part. When obtaining the information, it is based on an average mileage from all makes and models but we chose to visualize it on a 1991 BMW M3. Of course, the parts can still be found in similar areas on other make and models but not all. We explain this more in “Let’s Expand”


Our love for cars was the spark to the idea behind this data visualization but the rest of it was pieced together when we asked ourselves, “What would be useful and interesting to a large audience that is relate to cars”. We figured that from experience, not a lot of people have a great understanding of simple automotive work although nearly every adult drives a vehicle. By providing a tool that can show people what and when commonly maintained car parts are replaced, we hope that it can be used to give people a realization of how simple cars can be, understanding when they should get their car maintained.


This visualization displays components from a generic rear-wheel drive, manual transmission vehicle but the body line from a 1991 BMW M3. We can expand on this visualization by giving the user the option to pick their body type. A FWD sedan will have different location for their car parts compared to a Mid Engine Bus. Expanding on it this way would be much more applicable to a larger audience. Another thing to take into consideration would be that certain types of cars use different unique components, ie: timing chain, Guibo, etc. A greatly accurate thing that could be added would be the option to display what parts should be replaced if given input from user.



This little additional visualization shows the mileage at when the car part is typically changed out on a pair of axis

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