I'm a UCSC grad who loves programming and math. My interests include:

  • Web technologies
  • Number theory
  • Artificial intelligence

I'm proficient with Python, JavaScript (ES6), and HTML.
I have considerable experience with C, Java, Ruby, Perl, CSS, and \(\LaTeX\).
I have experience using Linux, MySQL, Node, and MongoDB.



Snake Game

I created this Snake game for an assignment in CMPS 20: Game Design Experience.

Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction Game

Fatal Attraction was a group project in CMPS 20. It is a shoot-em-up where instead of shooting your enemies, you redirect their shots at you back at them. I was largely responsible for the sound design, the bending grid effect, and the game concept.

Other Works

Math Animations Some animations I made to illustrate mathematical concepts.

Paper on Quaternions The research paper I wrote my senior year on quaternions and their relationship to spacial rotation.