Ben Filstrup || @BenFilstrup

4th Year UCSC Computer Science Game Design Major


My name is Ben Filstrup and I'm a fourth year Computer Science major with an emphasis in Game Design. However, I'm interested in almost every facet of Computer Science, so don't be afraid to ask! For specific details about things I've done, see my LinkedIn page linked above. For more options, press #.


  • Currently Playing: FFXIV
  • Preferred Music Source: SoundCloud
  • Favorite Programming Language: Python

  • To make things easier for the grader

    1. I changed the title to Ben Filstrup's UCSC Page.
    2. The top of the page (and this section for the grader) introduce h1,h2, and h3.
    3. I set a nice pink background while encompassing the middle chunks in shades of green.
    4. The "My Email" near the top left of the page is a "mailto" link.
    5. The hyperlinks to other websites are right below my email, linking to my Twitter/LinkenIn respectively.
    6. This is bolded and this is italicized.
    7. This is centered.
    8. There are a few colored horizontal lines via the "horizontal rule" above this list.
    9. The unordered list precedes this list, which is an ordered list.
    10. There's a picture of a cute corgi right after this list.


    Cute Corgi