Welcome to Sox's Home page

Here's a photo of the trouble maker, only 6 months old

Some things about Sox

  1. He is a male Pembroke Welsh corgi.
  2. As of 4/22/17 he is 6 years old.
  3. Some tricks that he knows are: Sit, beg, fetch, spin, bang!, sit pretty, roll over, high five, go to your cage, close the door(my favorite), and more!
  4. His favorite treats are Beggin Strips
  5. Really friendly!
  6. Scared of smaller dogs and cats
  7. Incredible Hops!
  8. Derpy

Some few facts about Corgi's

If you would like to learn more about Pembroke Corgi or are interested in owning one click here.

For more of Sox feel free to email me here.