Welcome to the finest of all webpages, my webpage.

My name is Brittany, and here's a little info about me:

I'm from the Bay Area and I have a one brother and a dog. I love and play basketball, and my all time favorite music is old school R&B! The Golden State Warriors is my favorite basketball team and my favorite artist of all time is Alicia Keys. I am currently a Business Management Economics Major.


This is me, Moki, and my cousin Chris.
  • Moki loves people
  • Moki hates other dogs
  • Moki only eats chikn

  • Btw follow my Instagram @brittcook
    1. Really please follow my Instagram
    2. And like all my pics
    3. Jk don't, my instagram is private
    4. But if I know you then follow me :)
    5. Dailon is the greatest RA ever


    This is my RA Dailon, the finest of all RA's. May or may not be a meme enthusiast. If you ever see him around campus make sure you bum rush him and say hi and tell him that Brittany sent you!
    Anyways, if you ever need something or want to talk, shoot me an email!