Not all those who wander are lost.

J.R.R Tolkien

Over my vast travels across the world, i have found an abundance of destinations the help refine my intuition on the affects culture has on a person. The Cook Islands are among the most culturally influenced islands that remain. The main island Rarotunga is the most technologically advanced island in the chain, and is the recipient to most of the island vacationers. The other islands such as Itutaki and Atiu are more unscathed by foreign influence, making their culture most domestically intact.

The Cook Islands is a chain of 16 different islands

    The Northern Cook Islands

  1. Manihiki
  2. Nassau
  3. Penrhyn Island
  4. Pukapuka
  5. Rakahanga
  6. Suwarrow

    The Southern Cook Islands

  7. Nga-pu-Toru
  8. Atiu
  9. Ma'uke
  10. Mitiaro
  11. Takutea


  12. Aitutaki
  13. Mangaia
  14. Rarotunga
  15. Palmerston Island
  16. Manue

Here are a few reasons why you should do visit the cook islands.

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