❀ Welcome to My Webpage! ❀

Hello! My name is Aiyanna Joan Veras! (My friends and family call me Anya for short.) I am a second year student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I am currently pursuing a major in Intensive Psychology and a minor in Anthropology. I created this webpage for an assignment in my CMPE 3 class. (I would definitely recommend taking it if you can! I have learned so much in just the first couple weeks!) This is my first time coding, so forgive me if the code is messy! Thank you for visiting! Have a wonderful day! ♥

❀ About Me ❀

Aiyanna Joan Veras
She / Her / Hers
UCSC Class of 2020
Psychology B.A.

Lawful Good
Type B

❀ Some Things About Me ❀

  1. I am a Filipino American.
  2. I can sing and play the guitar and ukulele.
  3. I like to take photographs and write poetry.
  4. I love cats so much sometimes I cry when I see them.
  5. I still sleep with stuffed animals.

❀ Some Things I'm Into ❀

❀ Family and Friends ❀

This is my brother Nico!

These are my parents!

This is my cat Orik!

This is my boyfriend Sage!

These are my friends Mari and Darline!

This is my best friend Marissa!

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