Lana Del Rey Fan Page

Dedicated to my favorite singer, Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey isn't really Lana's name, her real name is Elizabeth Grant . Del Rey has come a long way of becoming a successful singer.

Lana is a great inspiration as to she isn't like most singers out there.

Lana's songs can put you into a "chill" mood and you can really just enjoy her music any time! :)

Lana Del Rey is an extreamly nice person!!

This is a video of Lana meeting up with fans. Check it out!

Here is a lovely picture of Ms. Del Rey

Here are a few songs I would recommend listening by Lana...

  1. Born to Die
  2. West Coast
  3. Ride
  4. Kinda Outta Luck
  5. Video Games

You can find more information about Lana Del Rey on her website.

If you have any questions in regards of my favorite singer, email me at