This is Iron Man

Reasons why Iron Man is the best

Iron Man is the smartest super hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was able to invent time travel in a matter of days in order to save the universe from destruction by the mad titan Thanos. He also has a collection of suits that he built to enhance his strentgh and endurance. With the help of an AI also known as "Friday" he studies his environment and makes the most of his surroundings to defeat his enemies. I also think he looks the best aesthetically.
"And I... am Iron Man." "WHERRRRRRRR PEWWWWW" - Iron Man (2018)

A list of Iron Mans suits over the years

  1. Mk1
  2. Mk2
  3. Mk42
  4. Mk50

A list of some of Iron Mans weapons

Obviously I am NOT Iron Man so to learn more about our hero feel free to follow this link
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