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Matsutake Worlds Research Group

The Matsutake Worlds Research Group documents the rich variety of cultural and ecological lifeways emerging across matsutake’s path. We study matsutake picking and the matsutake commodity chain, showing how diverse cultures and ecologies engage each other in the matsutake trade. We are interested in matsutake cultures and ecologies as multispecies worlds where life continues in the midst of great disturbances.

This project has depended on many layers of collaboration and much generosity.

The Matsutake Worlds Research Group consists of Anna Tsing (UC Santa Cruz), Shiho Satsuka (University of Toronto), Miyako Inoue (Stanford University), Michael Hathaway (Simon Frazer University), Lieba Faier (UCLA), and Timothy Choy (UC Davis).

Anna Tsing dreamed up this part of the project. Sara Dosa (San Francisco Film Institute) is the editor of film footage and web production manager. Elaine Gan built this web site. Joanie McCollom worked on web design. Megan Moodie (UC Santa Cruz) shot the film footage in Oregon. Debra Klein (Gavilan College) edited the films from Finland. Samuel Kenji High, Sean Maisel, and Peter Hokama contributed to film editing and project ideas. Hjorleifur Jonsson (Arizona State University), Lue Vang, and David Pheng were key collaborators in the Oregon-Cascades research. Yang Xueqing (Kunming Institute of Botany) worked with Michael Hathaway and Anna Tsing on the interviews in Yunnan. Shiho Satsuka and Anna Tsing worked together on interviews in Japan. Aude Castagna contributed cello music. Fair Use archival film footage is courtesy of

Grants from the Toyota Foundation and the University of California, Santa Cruz, Committee on Research helped make this project possible.

matsutake worlds research group