Alan Spearot

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

University of California, Santa Cruz

PhD, MS - University of Wisconsin

BSE - University of Michigan


Curriculum Vitae


current projects


  Market Access, Trade Costs and Technology Adoption: Evidence from Northern Tanzania, April, 2019

    with Shilpa Aggarwal, Brian Giera, Dahyeon Jeong, Jonathan Robinson


  Optimal Tariff Discrimination:  Evidence from the Generalized System of Preferences, in progress

    with Jesse Mora


  Product Variety and Adjustment Costs: Evidence from the Light Truck Market, February 2017


  Foreign Acquisitions and Industry Productivity: Evidence from US Tariff Cuts, in progress

    with Federico Diez


  Outsourcing and Service Quality:  The Case of Tele-radiology, in progress

    with Nathan Tefft


  Tariffs, Competition, and the Long of Firm Heterogeneity Models, March 2014

    Old version focused on two-country model




  Firms in International Trade, Forthcoming

    Handbook of International Trade and Transportation, B. Blonigen and W. Wilson (eds.), Edward Elgar Press

    with Federico Diez and Jesse Mora


  Unpacking the Long Run Effects of Tariff Shocks: New Structural Implications from Firm Heterogeneity Models

    AEJ Microeconomics, May 2016

    Current Shape Estimates, Technical Appendix with info on estimator and comparison to CES


  US‒Carbon Steel (India): Multi-Product Firms and the Cumulation of Products

    World Trade Review, April 2016, with Dukgeun Ahn


  Relaxing CAFE: Foreign Direct Investment, NAFTA, and Domestic Product Standards

    Canadian Journal of Economics, December 2015, with Phillip McCalman


  Core Competencies, Matching, and the Structure of FDI,

    Canadian Journal of Economics, August 2014, with Federico Diez

    Online Appendix


  Why Trucks Jump:  Offshoring and Product Characteristics

    Journal of International Economics, September 2013, with Phillip McCalman

    Online Appendix


  Market Access, Investment, and Heterogeneous Firms

    International Economic Review, May 2013

    Online Appendix - Old Working Paper - Really Old Working paper


  Variable Demand Elasticities and Tariff Liberalization

    Journal of International Economics, January 2013

    Online Appendix


  Firm heterogeneity, New Investment, and Acquisitions

    Journal of Industrial Economics, March 2012, Lead Article




  113 - Introduction to Econometrics

  188 – Management in the Global Economy

  217 – Applied Econometrics II

  240 - PhD Trade Theory




  West Coast Trade Workshop

  My Music: Nonch Harpin, Stranded West (professor rock)




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