I made a website for you to tell you I am sorry

Watch this pls:

n look! this is u n me:

could be us <3 pic.twitter.com/mb7AglK0zB

— swaagg3r (@swaagg3r) August 22, 2021


love pic.twitter.com/VJxXL7gGAH

— swaagg3r (@swaagg3r) August 23, 2021

im pikachu n ur togepi hehe:


— Out of Context Pokemon (@OoCPokemon) August 21, 2021

thank you for going through my website, I have a haiku for u :3

Playing bad feels bad
But there is no feeling worse
Than leaving my girl

you mean a lot to me n I don't want to disapoint u like that again, im sorry