ShadyAO - ShaneAO’s System Rebuilt

ShadyAO is the ShaneAO Real-time code, re-built.

ShadyAO is object-oriented. Almost anything you could ask for in ShadyAO is an object, but objects are designed to be as narrowly-focused and independent as possible. In fact, objects only couple to each other when they need to. This means that you can run the cameras/rtc/mirrors etc independently of the rest of the system.

ShadyAO is designed with a Keyword-first mentality. The system is built heavily on KTL keywords, even in simulation mode, and uses those keywords directly. System state which is stored in a keyword uses the value in that keyword whenever it is accessed. Commands are sent via keywords, read via keywords.

ShadyAO is designed to be configured. As little state as possible is stored in the program itself, and rather, state and defaults are stored in configuration files on disk. Configurations can change during operation, re-reading configuration files and loading different parameters.