Welcome CMPE 3, Assignment 2


Life of Kip

Behold the best pup in the world, Kip:

Top 5 Must knows about Kip:
  1. Kip is very playful and thinks he's tougher than anything but he's actually kind of slow
  2. We met at my house located in the hot Coachella Valley
  3. While living with me none of the other dogs we have liked him so he had no friends except me (his mom); the ideal life of a child
  4. My dad gave him away when I came back to UCSC (Thanks a lot pa)
  5. Lastly, though I don't have him I do often see him and may I say he grew up to be a pretty ugly dog... but I still love him
If you have any dogs or cats you want to give me because I am in need of a new companion, send me an email here (: