Angela's study abroad experience in 日本 (Japan).


Angela went to study abroad during the summer of 2018 in 大阪,日本 (Osaka, Japan).

This photo was taken at Nara Deer Park.

One of the places that Angela went to during her time abroad was Nara Deer Park. Nara Deer Park is located in Nara, Japan. Deers roam freely from temples to parks.

3 Things that Angela learned about deers at Nara Deer Park:

The Nara Deer Park Guide will provide more information on getting there as well as providing background history of Nara Deer Park.

After checking out Nara deer park, Angela went to:
  1. Todaiji Temple for sightseeing
  2. Souvenir Shopping for family
  3. Seven and i Holdings Co for ice cream
  4. Namba, Japan for Okonomiyaki
  5. Namba Walk for shopping

Interested in what else to do in Japan?

Some of the other places that Angela recommends going to in Japan is:

  • Osaka
  • Namba
  • Umeda
  • Kyoto
  • Kobe
  • Toyko

  • Here are some recommended Japanese 食べ物(food)to try:

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