Hello stalker. Nice to meet you.

Welcome to my page!

About Me

There isn't much to me but if you really want to know, I'll reveal myself to you.

My story begins in a sm - just kidding. I was born in Los Angeles. You probably won't care about the name of the hospital, not that it matters considering I didn't quite catch the name. I'm pretty sure my mother told me hundreds of times but I never bothered to remember. Oops. I'm a winter baby, borderline spring baby by 4 days, I guess (maybe 3 considering I was born close to midnight.)

I'm currently a freshmen and affiliated with Crown college, planning to major in Computer Engineering. Since coming to Santa Cruz, I've found an odd, pleasing sensation of peace. I guess it due to the environment we're placed in. It has been my life long dream to live in an environment such as this one. Being away from such a large, fast paced city has given me a chance to relax and enjoy the nice, welcoming air. So far, I'm enjoying my stay but I wish my antisocial self could mingle a bit more. Hopefully, in the near future, I can socialize more and not be afraid to.

A few hobbies of mine.

  • Music
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Watching Netflix :)
  • My fluff ball Cas.

    I used to have a pet rabbit named Cas. I know the words "use to" implies he passed on, but fortunately he hasn't. My family and I just had to give him away to one of my father's friends because our apartment manager didn't allow us to have him any longer. It's sad, I know, but what are you going to do about it? His fur was snow white, except for a black spot on his body and along his ears. What I really loved about him was the fact he had black fur lined around his eyes, which made it seem like he had eyeliner on. It was adorable to see him run around the apartment, occasionally hopping here and there. Cas sometimes hid from us and we would find him underneath the couch just relaxing in the corner and curled up in a ball. I sometimes think we were similar in a sense, considering I'm always that one person who is alone in a corner, lol. My ex-best-friend named him and I guess the name stuck. Why change it, even if it brings up painful memories. Lol, it's starting to sound depressing. Let's leave it at that.

    Here's a picture of him!


    If you want to adopt a rabbit, like we did with Cas, visit your local animal shelter or if you happen to be down in Paramount, CA, I suggest you visit Rabbit Rescue Inc. They have a great selection rabbits and bunnies who wish to go home with a lovable family. Thank you!

    Here's my email address in case you make the mistake of wanting to contact me.