Itsy Bitsy About this Missy

Posted: October 7th, 2014

Hey there! I am Annabelle and this is my first time ever taking an art related course. Even though my primary purpose for taking this course has been fulfilling my college general requirements, I have gain more and more interest regarding these course topics we are talking about. I also think more students in general should look closely at the issues we are talking about during class because, though these issues might not have an instant direct effect on our everyday life, they will impact and even become the social environment we and our future generations will dwell in.

Here and on I shall tell you a little about myself. This year I am living in the International Living Center located right in front of the red wood forest on upper campus. Ever since I've lived right next to the forest, I've been enjoying the endless wild life encounters and scenes, but not much of the bothersome insects that come along with them. Talking about insects, I want to talk about my personal avatar picture in general and specifically the butterfly. I chose this picture is that I love the liveliness and peace virtually delivers from this picture, which symbolizes the positivity I want the readers to feel from reading my journals; this picture also reflects the state of mind and aspects I have towards this world. The butterfly in this picture is related to the topic of identity and stereotype of this course. I believe that identity is a combination of what a person unconciously believe himself/herself to be and what the public categorizes that person to be as. For example, a butterfly will not doubt its identity as a butterfly, implying that their nature to be nectar sucking instead of living on food supply that might potentially harm another being. And as a member of the public, I categorize this butterfly as a beautiful insect that helps in spreading the green base on my understanding on this insect. However, I do stereotyped that all wild insects will also trigger possibly unnecessary respiratory system infections and failure because they carry pollen and dusts, which is known to be a cause of some respiratory infections attack. To me, this stereotype is reasonable because I used to have asthma attack quiet frequently due to the particles insects carry. However, I should not discriminate all insects base on the unfriendly and uncomfortable encounters I had with some butterflies, or even unknowingly force my fear onto others through words or body language. I do not want my protective system to, in any way, cause others to misunderstand these beautiful creatures. In a bigger picture, stereotyping the world around us is an biologically instinctive protective move we all do. But we should not do so without an attempt to understand what the background and history that cause the birth of our stereotypes, nor should we spread this stereotype falsely when we are only standing on the surface of the core matters. And if we all understand a little more and be kind despite the fear, perhaps one day, in my optimistic imagination of the future, the world will truly become one as clear and magnificence as my virtual avatar portraits.

My new avatar

Eva Creel Photography