Alana's page

Alana Sherman's Personal Webpage

Let me tell you a little bit about myself..

I'm about to graduate from UCSC in the spring of 2017 with a BS in Computational Mathematics.
This would've never been possible without the help and support of:
  • My parents
  • My high school math teacher, Mr. Davis
  • My brother and sister
  • If you are interested in seeing my resume please feel free to email me at my UCSC email
    On another note, one of my true passions is snowboarding. I learned how to snowboard at Mt. High in southern California.

    Here's a picture of me from a few years ago

    Some of my goals after college include:

    1.) Travel Europe with my brother
    2.) Find a job
    3.) Move to Colorado
    4.) Get a dog (preferably a huskie)