A Different Perspective

My name is Adrian and I have a passion for photography

My hobby is capturing moments with my trusty CANON T2i Rebel

Whenever I have time I usually like to go out with friends or by myself and take photos.

Some spots I reccomend going to in the Santa Cruz area are the west remote parking lot in UCSC and West Cliff Drive.

For more information on the best shooting spots visit West Cliff Drive.
This is a picture I took at West Remote Parking Lot

  1. Go to the west remote bus stop
  2. Sitting from the bus stop bench, look left to see an opening and a path
  3. Follow the path until it splits and choose the path you would like to follow
  4. Once you decided on a bench simply: sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery

Below are the settings I used for taking this picture: If you are looking for anymore suggestions on where to have a photoshoot then shoot me an email at anoguera@ucsc.edu