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June 2017-- Andreea's Graduation

        Andreea completed her doctoral work in our lab and will be looking for research jobs in the Seattle area. Congrats Andreea!

Dave and Andreea at the UCSC graduation ceremony

Jan 2017-- Call for postdoc applications

        We are currently accepting postdoc applications. If you are interested, contact Dave Feldheim at dfeldhei@ucsc.edu.

Winter 2016 Lab ski trip

        The Feldheim and Sher labs had a blast in Tahoe enjoying some winter sports, complete with game night at the cabin.



An ending, an a new beginning for postdocs Kiely and Neal

        It is time for both our postdocs, Kiely and Neal, to wrap up their projects and say goodbye to the Feldheim lab. They both                     brought much to our lab, and they will be missed! Don't forget to keep in touch!

  Kiely (right) and Andreea at the CIRM stem cell conference 2015

Neal (2nd from left) with the Feldheim and Sher labs-- dinner at Burger.

Sept. 10th-- Happy birthday Dave!

        The neuro labs secretly got together to surprise Dave for his 50th birthday. The party was complete with a margarita bar, and             cake with a mouse drawn on it!




Lab Meeting Schedule

        Feb 20 (Fri) 3 pm-- Neal
        March 6 (Fri) 3 pm-- Jimmy
        March 13 (Fri) 3 pm-- Kiely
        March 20 (Fri) 3 pm--  No group meeting
        March 25 (Weds) noon-- Andreea

Congrats Arash on graduating and getting a postdoc!

We had a great night at Bocce's Cellar celebrating the holidays and Arash's new postdoc position at UC Davis. Here are pictures (because we all know, pics or it didn't happen). 

arash action shot         group


tbr2    group

snake eyessssss

Snake eyesssss.

The Feldheim Lab is in the cloud!

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