Welcome to a hopefully inspirational page on why a girl who has been told that she's terrible at math has decided to prove everyone wrong.

(By earning a degree in Electrical Engineering.)

This is me graduating high school.This is also when I thought I was going to be a film major.

My reasons for committing to this major are:

  1. After I graduate college, I want to go straight into my career and financially support myself.
  2. I want to help create things that will change the world as we continue in the age of technology.
  3. I want to inspire other girls who feel as though they can't be an engineer just because they were told that math and science isn't their place.

Here are three statistics on female engineers:

These facts are courtesy of girlygeekdom.com

Here is a link to the video that inspired me to become an engineer.

You can send me an email at this address: amolmo@ucsc.edu