Daniela is the Best Friend Ever

And she's all mine and you can't have her!

This is Dani. She is my best friend in the entire world. We haven't yet decided when our friendship anniversary will be but since we've been friends for about 14 or so years I thought I would express how much she means to me right now. These are the reasons why I love my friend Dani so much:

  1. She is so funny and isn't afraid to be mean which makes people question why we're friends since we always just insult each other.
  2. She always has the best advice and doesn't need to know the situation in order to help me feel better about it.
  3. She. Just. Is. The. Best.
  4. Dani has the best hair in the world!
  5. Most of the time we will like the movies and TV shows the other recommends and its like we have keys into the others mind.
  6. Well, iv'e been stuck with her for this long and neither of us is dead by now so I count that as a good friendship.
  7. She is always up for crazy adventures with me. :)
  8. Were going to Costa Rica together to have even more amazing adventures together.

There aren't enough words I could type on here to express how grateful I am to have Dani in my life but at least now you have an idea of what a real friend is.