Swing Dancing

Crash Course on Swing Dancing History and Styles!


Swing dancing first started in Harlem in New York City in the late 1920s.
It eventually made its way to Los Angeles and was featured in many Hollywood films.
The swing dancing community is still very much alive and kicking in many countries all over the world.


Clips of a few original Lindy Hoppers and there different stlyes can be found HERE!

Present Day

Fast forwarding to present day, there exists swing dancing conferences that take place
all over the world ranging from the US, Europe, Latin America, and Korea!
Some of the most popular events in the US are listed below.

Dance Styles

Many people associate swing dancing to aerials.
Although that may be true for competitions and movies, it is not typically done on the social dancing scene.
Here are a list of some of the more popular dancing styles that is done in both cases:

  1. Lindy Hop Competitions
  2. Social Lindy Hop
  3. Hollywood Style
  4. Balboa
  5. East Coast Swing
  6. Collegiate Shag
  7. Bal-Swing
  8. Blues

Dancing Venues in California

There are multiple websites with information on social swing dancing venues.
If you are in Southern California, the page Swing Dance LA has a calendar with information on the events and location.
If you live around the San Francisco area, the San Francisco Bay Area Lindy List is the best way to go.

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-Angelica Martinez