Welcome to Learning About Ali

I am a literature major who also

  1. has a love for the beach.
  2. has a love for family. (I must if with 9 siblings and as of now, 14 nieces and nephews. Not to mention other family members.)
  3. has a love for music, both playing and listening to it.
  4. and a love for reading. My favorites books are
As you can see, my favorite books are by my favorite author. You can find more out about Elizabeth Moon here. I suggest you check out Elizabeth Moon and the books of Paks world. You can find out more of Paks world here. Both books and the ones that come after are a great read.
If you have any questions about anything, (I can't promise I'll know the answer) you may email me here .

For fun here is a picture of my dog.

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