Why Are Hot Cheetos Bad For You?

Hot Cheetos Are Bad For You, Just Look at the Nutritional Facts!

Pay Attention to Serving Size & Ingredients!

Take note that in every normal sized Hot Cheeto bag, 1 serving is the equivalence of 21 cheetos. A full bag is more than one serving. Already in one serving alone, this snack is very high in fats and sodium. Primarily, Hot Cheetos are probably not the best snack because of its very unnatural ingredients, such as its artificial colors that give it its red color. Although physically appealing, these ingredients are not at all healthy.

Solutions To Help Your Cheeto Addiction

  1. Only shop at Trader Joe's.
  2. Swap for a healthier snack, such as pretzels.
  3. Minimize Hot Cheetos intake to at least once a month
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