Welcome to the Life of a Tuba Player

Hello there! My name is Anita and I am a bona fide Band Geek!

Here is a picture of me and my tuba:

Here are some reasons to join band:

If I have convinced you to join band, then here are some reasons to be a tuba player:

  1. It is the most badass instrument. Hands down.
  2. Your band director will love you eternally for just the mere fact that you play the tuba.
  3. Your band director will never tell you to "play quietly" because you can never have "too much" tuba.
  4. You are automatically cool. And if you are a girl who plays the tuba you are even cooler x10.
  5. You get to sit in the back and be closest to the percussionists (aka THE coolest clique in band).
  6. Since you will most likely become friends with the percussionists you will probably end up dating one too (aka THE most attractive people in band).
  7. The bass line is the best line.
  8. Your upperbody strength will surprise people.
  9. After awhile people won't want to arm wrestle you anymore because they are tired of losing.
  10. You get away with pretty much anything sitting so far back. Plus your instructor will love you so much that if you do do something wrong, you are immediately forgiven.
  11. It's basically the best instrument. Need I say more?

And if I still have not convinced you to at least try out band, then you can read how music affects the brain here.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me here.