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About Me

My name is Alina Kieu. I'm a sophomore, and currently taking Art 20B. This website was created specifically for this course.

My Index

My Index
200 Pounds of Beauty, 354

A Series of Unfortunate Events, 487-89
AA—date 510-520, Boardwalk 510-514, SF 564-578, bowling 600-612,
Alan, 235
Anahiem Angels, 474-477

Baby & Me, 268
Beyonce, 120-132
Blindness—faint, 204
Build-a-Bear—heart dance, 351-352

Car ROFL, 189
Catcher in the Rye, 257-263
Courtney—adventures, hiking, eating, getaways, 300-387
Crazy, Stupid, Love, 412

Depression—plague, 105-167
Disneyland—Downtown, 183,206,389
Doggie—crybaby, dropped, 296-305

Eggnog—encounters, 384

F Family Guy, 270-341
First Breath, 1-5

Gattaca, 345-347
Garden Grove—high school, childhood, 5-187
Goodbye OC, Hello SC, 345-367

Hate that I love you—love, hate relationship, 481
How I Met Your Mother, 423-591

How to Train Your Dragon, 398-401
I I Love This City, 487-526
Into The Wild, 264-285
Infidelity, 340-390

Jack, 498-502

Kieu—BB-Kieu, 574-584
Korea, 402-417
Knott's Berry Farm—Soak City, 350-340

Legend of Edda, 398-405
Little Italy, 622-636
Los Angeles, 284-385

Maplestory, 261-394
Mickey Mouse, 487-532
Mr.Quackers, 281-402
Museum—LACMA 242-261, Discovery Center, 267-78
Myspace—uh-oh list, 172-73

Nickie Anderson—Pam Anderson, 195-201

Oops I farted!—Christina, algebra 2 trig, 204-206
Once Upon A Time, 741-49

Prison Break, 358-503
Psychology—mental illness, depression, 346-375

Questionnaires—personality, 290-292

Raging Waters, 315-324
Ragnorak, 301-305
Reunions—A-Tutoring 248-50, Mr.Quackers, 287-294

San Bernandino—Godmother, 216
San Diego, 222-228
San Francisco, 378-400
San Jose, 342-343
Santa Barbara, 249-261
Santa Cruz, 409-582
Sigma Omicron Pi—“For Vivian”, van talks, ICC, Om-nom-nom, Verde, Kieu-T-eer-ie Credulous Puto AKA I.L.P., 564-641
Six Flags Magic Mountain—Goliath, Batman, Tatsu, 427-434
Sleepyhead, 325
St. Columban, 187
Survival Project, 85
Sybil, 29-57

Taxi accident—It wasn't me!, 385
Terminator—Termination of the World, 298-317
The Hills, 485-495
The O.C., 216-287
The Prestige, 654-78
The Town, 594-603

Universal Studios—Back To the Future, Jurassic Park, The Simpsons, Mummy, 625-634

Vietnam—taxi accident, 384-86


X-factor, 257


Zany Brainy, 101-104


Week 1: Ballad Index
This is a very interesting and creative piece. At first, I was confused because it was just an index, and I didn't know where to find the information, but when we discussed about it in class, I finally understood it, and it's purpose. I've never seen such a piece as this one. The more we discussed about it, the more I feel in love with it. This taught me what art was about. It taught me that art is about creating an abstract piece that's never really been done before. It's about the the thought process it makes you go through, and it's really up to the audience to interpret however they choose.

Week 2: Cryptograph
This reading is about using technology in art, and talks about the Turing machine which is a machine that basically just does calculations. My favorite pieces are The Plain Series II:March, Paul's Palace, and Landscript postcards. I chose The Plain Series II:March because I like how it blends all the colors together while drawing the background image. I like the Paul's Palace because each of the structures creating a letter and combines it with the buildings. It cooperates art and technology very well because it shows the architectural structure to it and the lines make it seem more modern. I like the Landscript postcards because has extraordinary elements to it. It uses the Chinese letters to create an landscape. You could see two images: if you look at the picture as a whole, it's a landscape, but if you look at the closely, you could see the Chinese letters. It's very similar to pixels, but instead of small squares, it's Chinese letters.

Week 3: The Library of Babel and The Virtual Barrio @ The Other Frontier
The Library of Babel was a bit difficult to understand, but I like this piece a lot. It compares the world to a library, and how each book in the library is a certain point in time in our life. I also like the fact that is says “the library is unlimited and cyclical”. The Virtual Barrio at the Other Frontier is about a Mexican man and his journey with technology. I like the fact that he creates his own language. He has looked back at his ancestor's history and used that to create his own language with is spectacular.

Week 4: Poetics of the Open Work
I like the fact that this piece combines the element of interpreting the artist and the people who are involved in the piece with a piece of music. I've never heard a piece like that before and I think it'd be interesting to hear. It's a great way in creating a new piece of music and using what you already have. This piece teaches me that you can recycle art pieces and use to make something completely new.

Week 5: DOGMA Manifesto
I thought the DOGMA piece was interesting, and it's similar to the the instructional piece because it has a set of rules that you have to follow to make a piece.I like Vito Acconci's concept of making a video, but I thought his videos were creepy. I thought it was little bit too much for me, but I give him props for doing that.

Week 6: Sandman
I like the Sandman reading because I like the fact that each character has a name that his or her own story if you look up the certain name. The Sandman tells about dreams, and how scary it is if one can't decipher reality from dreams. This teaches me that art can come in any form, and could have all sorts of effects on you like the Sandman does.

Week 7: Delusions of Dialog
This reading talks about art and technology, and the artist's interactive piece. This taught me to look at the point of view of the piece instead the audience's point of view. This is a good suggestion when creating an art piece because this could help the artist create something by looking at a whole different perspective.

Week 8: Spacewar
This piece is about a game called Spacewar and it was featured in the Rolling Stones. This also talks about the stereotypes of hackers, and it tells the truth about most hackers which I find interesting. For such a simple game, it sure takes a lot of people create it. Who knew how much word and dedication to make such a game that later became so popular and from that, similar games developed.

Week 9: The Most Dangerous Gamer
This article is about Jonathon Blow who is a game designer who created the game, Braid. Jonathon Blow believes that all games are a joke and they aren’t very artistic except for a few of them. He thinks most of them are pointless. Dangerous myth about being artist: making games is how he copes with his feelings, and how he doesn’t have friends. His only way of coping for feelings and personality. He didn’t grow up with a very good childhood, mostly alone. That’s what people have stereotypes about video game creators—people who only like working by themselves and spend all their time in a room working with a computer. The best art is art that helps you come to realization and not about expressing yourself.

My Index

Game: Ralka Inc.

Sound Piece

Instructional Piece

Imagine a creature.
1. Cut out that shape.
2. Listen to a song and draw a pattern.
3. Write the first word that comes to mind.
4. Look to your left and draw a symbol.
5. Close your eyes and draw a face.
6. Trace an outline.