Ashley Herring Class of 2020, Computational Mathematics


If you happen to have stumbled upon this page, it means you were probably looking through the UCSC directory of individual websites trying to find some inspiration for your CMPE 003 HTML assignment.

If not, why don't you stick around a bit and enjoy some of these photos that I have taken. Yeah? Cool!

All of these photos were taken on a Canon Rebel T2i (aka my baby).

Cool right?! I picked up photography from my father, by the way.

    When taking a photograph, I look for three things:

  1. Leading lines- one of the most effective aspects a photo can have that leads the viewers eyes to a certain part of the frame.
  2. Shadows- when an image has more shadows, it gives the image more depth and if utilized right can create some very interesting visual illusions.
  3. Photogrphic thirds- by spliting a frame into thirds vertically and horizontally, you can accomplish quite a bit in terms of visual appeal when an object or subject appears in one of the three thirds.

"Ashley, why does your tab title and heading say '.cr2'? What does that mean??"

Well here's what is means and why I decided on using it!

A little bit about ".cr2":
CR2 is a file extension created by a Canon DSLR camera in the instance that the shutter on the camera is held and released. CR2 files are a file type based on the specifications for "TIFF" files, which simply put means that the files are of an uncompressed, high-quality and have a very large file size.

Since I love my Canon camera so much, I thought it would be a fitting thing to use because, y'know, photography!

Psssst! It also happens to be my username for my Instagram as well as my Tumblr so go check those out for even more of my work! I don't imagine anyone would really use email as a way to quickly get a word to someone but if you happen to be one of those people who still magically does do that, here's my email.

If you'd like to take a look at my first attempt at a Javascript program, you can check it out here:HELLO THERE