I'm a fifth year Ph.D. student in linguistics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I am a theoretical syntactician and fieldworker, with a particular interest in information structure. In my dissertation, I investigate displacement of foci in San Martín Peras Mixtec. I am interested in whether syntactic focus movement exists, how abstract notions such as focus are represented in the grammar, the connection between wh-movement and focus movement, and what movement of foci tells us about basic syntactic operations. In addition, I have investigated the prosodic realization of focus in Mixtec.

Beyond my dissertation work, I have several projects related to resumption. I am currently collaborating with Ben Eischens to investigate the effects of animacy on resumptive pronoun use in San Martín Peras Mixtec. Additionally, for my first qualifying paper, I investigated the interaction between focus and resumptive pronouns in Somali.

In addition to my research, I collaborate with speakers of Mixtec to celebrate and protect the indigenous languages spoken in Santa Cruz county as an active member in the Nido de Lenguas project.

Office Hours:

Winter 2021: Wednesdays from 2-3 pm

Andrew A. Hedding

Fifth year Ph.D. student
Department of Linguistics
UC Santa Cruz

ahedding [at] ucsc (dot) edu
257 Stevenson College
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064