Andy's Guide to Buying the Right Avocados

Hello, my name is Andy. Although I think all Avocados are garbage, I will show you what the perfect avocado taste like, and looks like, in respect to society's standards.

You can send me an email at, ahdinh@ucsc.edu ,but I won't read it, as I will be preparing my destruction of all avocados and their respective lineages. Additionally, here is a video of a avocado being smashed.

These are the steps to determining the perfect avocado!

  1. Place avocado in hand.
  2. Squeeze the avocado with your fingertips gently.
  3. If the avocado does not yield, it is not ripe.
  4. Find an avocado that gives and feels slight soft for immediate use or consumption.
These are additional steps reccomended by chef Andy himself!