Thank You Note Website

Splash Page users start on

Card Page filled with the thank you notes from students

A website that allows students to thank their guest speakers

  • Pages are fully responsive and animate when moving between each other.
  • Notes are loaded from back-end.
  • Built for the Tech4Good Lab.
  • Built with Angular 4.
MY ROLE: Programmer
  • I built the website based off a provided design.
  • Made during the 2017 Fall Quarter. (October-December 2017)

AI as AI Behavior Designer

Graphs comparing our initial AI curves to the dominant ones after ten rounds

The ten AI's duking it out

A Self-designing, Utility-based AI for an open source Bomberman clone

  • We put the constants that transformed the curves that govern a utility AI into an array for a geneic algorithm to tweak.
  • Up to 10 AI's could play 10 games. The best one each round would be the base for the next 10.
  • Found an amusing tendency for AI's that didn't lay bombs to often have a dominant strategy.
  • Made for my Game AI class in a group of three.
  • Game and AI in Python. GitHub
MY ROLE: Programmer
  • Used the base-game to create a danger-map for AI to interpret world
  • Altered the game's initial AI code so that it could integrate with our code
  • Over the course of three weeks for our final project. December 2016

Pixelizer Shader

Video of the final interactive scene

Pixelizer being applied over caustics and an image of my professor

A simple shader that pixelizes its input

  • My contribution to the final group project for my shader class.
  • We wrote a SIGGRAPH-like write up on our process. Link
  • Built in Unity (C#). Shader in HLSL. GitHub. Interactive Scene.
MY ROLE: Pixelizer Shader
  • One week during March 2018