Airline Assault: TURBULENCE

Scorpion's Light Attack and Security Guard's Heavy Attack

The Sammy Showcase at the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

The fighing game made by people who don't play fighting games.

  • Based off the airline headlines of April 2017.
  • Made for the 120 Series classes in a group of four.
  • Built in Phaser (JavaScript). Playable in-browser on its Page
MY ROLE: Programmer
  • Coded character knockback and the Security Guard
  • Code all menus and sound/music implementation
  • 5-6 weeks in May-June 2017

Bottom Gun

One of the dating sequences

The boss encounter I worked on

Bottom Gun is a bullet-hell/dating-sim that delivers on the sexual tension permeating the 1986 film Top Gun

  • In between bullet-hell missions you can date your wingmen. Which ones you date improves their power ups during missions.
  • Made for the UCSC Game Design Art and Collaboration Club in a group of sixteen.
  • Built in Unity (C#). Page
MY ROLE: A Lead Programmer
  • Coded the health system and First Boss Encounter
  • Ran Programmer meetings and check-ins
  • In whatever free moments people had from September-June 2016