everybody's sad

Trailer from June

Team photo outside our booth at Indiecade

A VR experience in an apartment full of sad objects

  • Interact with sad objects and learn an important lesson along the way
  • As seen at Indiecade!
  • One of my undergrad senior projects. Made in a group of twelve.
  • Built in Unity (C#) with SteamVR. Twitter. Website.
  • Coming to Steam and Oculus Store in 2019!
MY ROLE: Lead Programmer
  • Ran programming meetings
  • Coded intro and bathroom sequencees
  • Coded audio system
  • 6 months from January-June 2018
  • Light polish work July-December 2018

Loot Box Simulator

Release Trailer

A variety of nicely customized loot boxes

A satirical look at the 2017 trajectory of the game industry

  • Open loot boxes, collect loot, equip cosmetics, face off against the dark lord, watch ads, take surveys, and slowly succumb to addiction.
  • One of my undergrad senior projects. Made in a group of five.
  • Built in Unity (C#) Twitter. Website.
MY ROLE: Programmer and Producer
  • Coded Model and Accessory pipelines
  • Coded save system
  • Ran meetings and handled social media
  • 7 months from December 2017 - June 2018
  • 3 months of updates and patches June-August 2018


Gameplay of Level 2

Beginning of the first cutscene

Made for Specialized's relaunch of their Stumpjumper bicycle

  • A browser-based Excite Bike inspired game playable with either keyboard or touch
  • Do sick tricks to get more RAD!
  • Contract work in a team of five.
  • Built in Phaser (Javascript). Play in browser now!
MY ROLE: Programmer
  • Coded dialogue system
  • Implemented touch and swipe input
  • Coded trick system in early prototype
  • 6 months from February-July 2018