Give Item

The circle fills when input is held down

Adriel Wallick's meditation (pictured) was about being an introvert needing to recharge

A micro game riffing on holding button prompts

  • Mechanics inspired by Adriel Wallick's meditation for
  • If input is held too long it resets
  • Built in Unity (C#). Playable in-browser/mobile
MY ROLE: Everything
  • Six hours in January 2019

Cat vs Anime

When the cat is happy on the pillow, anime can be watched

Anime needs to be paused when the cat needs pets

An endless loop of petting your cat and watching anime

  • Made for Global Game Jam 2019
  • Your cat wants to knead on its favorite pillow but also get petted by you.
  • Your anime wants you to watch it. Pause it when the cat is in the way.
  • Built in Unity (C#). Playable in-browser/mobile
MY ROLE: Everything
  • Two days in January 2019

Hide Your Boner

During the main game you must hide your boner

If you're able to start a relationship you're able to collect Fond Memories

A joke about my teenage years my friends insisted I make

  • Our assignment was to make an Endless Runner in 3 days
  • Textbooks can be used to give yourself some visible cover.
  • Most assets are from Open Game Art
  • Built in Phaser (JavaScript). Playable in-browser here
MY ROLE: Everything
  • Three Days in April 2017


Title Screen

Macrowave in the arena against some pizza rolls

Made for Global Game Jam 2017

  • Our prompt was "waves"
  • Made with the Game Design Art Collaboration club
  • Built in Unity (C#). Link
MY ROLE: Programmer
  • Designed the health system
  • Two-Three Days in January 2017