Hide Your Boner

During the main game you must hide your boner

If you're able to start a relationship you're able to collect Fond Memories

A joke about my teenage years my friends insisted I make

  • Our assignment was to make an Endless Runner in 3 days
  • Textbooks can be used to give yourself some visible cover.
  • Most assets are from Open Game Art
  • Built in Phaser (JavaScript). Playable in-browser here
MY ROLE: Everything
  • Three Days in April 2017


Title Screen

Macrowave in the arena against some pizza rolls

Made for Global Game Jam 2017

  • Our prompt was "waves"
  • Made with the Game Design Art Collaboration club
  • Built in Unity (C#). Link
MY ROLE: Programmer
  • Designed the health system
  • Two-Three Days in January 2017