Nicholas is an experienced programmer with a history of working in collaborative environments and currently a senior at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has a strong background in the Unity Engine, Unreal Engine 4, and object-orient programming languages such as C++, C#, and Python.

Nicholas Ho



Currently in my senior year of my Computer Science: Computer Game Design major at UC Santa Cruz. (Graduating June 2018) In the summers I've worked teaching programming and game design at summer camps with campers aged 11 to 18

Andrew Gwinner

Programmer / Producer


A senior in UCSC's Computer Science: Computer Game Design major! I do 3D and 2D art in a variety of mediums, including digital and non-digital.

Evie Chang

2D / 3D Artist

Website: Portfolio

Alongside studying Studio Art and Art, Games, and Playable Media at UCSC (graduating June 2019), I currently work as an intern at Seventh Skin as a social media manager and design collaborator. I have showcased artwork at UCSC's Open Studios for the past three years.

Nichole Wilkinson

2D / UI Artist

Instagram: @tcfdendral

I am a Unity programmer and 3D artist. I enjoy the bullet hell genre of games and making short 3D animations.

Kevin Wu

3D Artist / Animator


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