Aerial Assault: Turbulence

XBOX 360 Controllers do not work in some versions of Google Chrome. They seem to always work in Microsoft Edge. XBOX One Controllers are not explicitly supported but seem to work as well to some degree.

Xbox 360 Controls:

  • A: Jump
  • Left JoyStick: Movement
  • Y: Guard
  • X: Light Attack
  • B: Heavy Attack / Divekick (When in Air)
  • RB+LB: Special Attack


  • Player 1:
    • W: Jump
    • A: Left
    • S: Guard
    • D: Right
    • E: Light Attack
    • R: Heavy Attack/ Divekick (When in Air)
    • E + R: Special Attack
  • Player 2:
    • O: Jump
    • K: Left
    • L: Guard
    • ";": Right
    • I: Light Attack
    • U: Heavy Attack/ Divekick (When in Air)
    • I + U: Special Attack


"Gyspsy Shoegazer", "Ouroboros", "Ultra Polka", "Exit the Premises", "Kick Shock", "Local Forecast", "Parisian", "Steel Rods", "Fife and Drum" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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