Website Layout and Styling Generator

The replica of the myUCSC webpage

Website generator in action

An HTML and CSS scrambler of a webpage frequented by students of my school.

  • A replica of a school web page was broken down into HTML and CSS Grammars that are used to reorder and restyle the webpage.
  • Buttons control which parts of the replica are re-rolled.
  • Built with Tracery and jQuery (Javascript). Build your own MyUCSC here!
MY ROLE: Almost Everything
  • Two weeks in December 2017

Smaller Assignments

Glitch Resampling of a source image. Detective Comics (2011) #44. Link

Tracery powering a roasting "Twitterbot". The bot is also able to reply. Link

A Markov Chain was made from a Batman wiki which generates nonsense Batman lore. Link

A genetic algorithm tries to recreate this screenshot from Monument Valley with polygons. Link