Andrew Gwinner

Game Developer. Programmer. Educator.

  • I'm currently in my senior year of my Computer Science: Game Design (B.S.) major at UC Santa Cruz. (Graduating June 2018)
  • In the summers I've worked teaching programming and game design at summer camps with campers aged 11 to 18.
  • Languages: C#, C++, Python, Javascript, Java, C, GLSL, HLSL, HTML, CSS
  • Programs: Unity, Unreal, Photoshop, Angular 4, Phaser, Illustrator, Blender, Maya, Clickteam Fusion
  • Resume
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Senior Projects

Loot Box Simulator

Our 30 second teaser

The Inventory Menu

Coming June 2018 from Clickbait Studios. A satirical look at the current trajectory of the video games market

  • Open loot boxes, take surveys, watch ads, equip skins, accessories, skyboxes, and more!
  • Made for the 170 Senior series classes in a group of five.
  • Built in Unity (C#).
  • Website
  • Page
  • Twitter: @lootboxsim
MY ROLE: Programmer and Producer
  • Model and Accessory pipelines
  • Inventory menu and Opened Loot Display
  • Save system
  • 1DChess and Sportsball
  • 7 months from December-June 2018

everybody's sad

Our 30 second teaser

Part of the main room

Coming June 2018. A VR experience in which you help the objects in your apartment

  • Learn to fight your inner people pleaser
  • Made for the 170 Senior series classes in a group of twelve.
  • Built in Unity (C#) with SteamVR
  • Website
  • Twitter: @everybodys_sad
MY ROLE: Lead Programmer
  • Ran programming meetings and build crews
  • Coded the audio system, drawers, Roomba, Dumbbell
  • Coded the world dynamically activating/deactivating
  • Coded the game's scripted sequences
  • 6 months from January-June 2018

Large-Scale Projects

Airline Assault: TURBULENCE

Scorpion's Light Attack and Security Guard's Heavy Attack

The Sammy Showcase at the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

The fighing game made by people who don't play fighting games.

  • Based off the airline headlines of April 2017.
  • The first game from Clickbait Studios.
  • Built in Phaser (JavaScript)
  • Playable in-browser on its Page
MY ROLE: All-Around Programmer
  • Coded character knockback and the Security Guard
  • Coded all menus and sound/music implementation
  • 5-6 weeks in May-June 2017

Bottom Gun

One of the dating sequences

The boss encounter I worked on

Bottom Gun is a bullet-hell/dating-sim that delivers on the sexual tension permeating the 1986 film Top Gun

  • In between bullet-hell missions you can date your wingmen. Which ones you date improves their power ups during missions.
  • Made for the UCSC Game Design Art and Collaboration Club in a group of sixteen.
  • Built in Unity (C#). Page
MY ROLE: A Lead Programmer
  • Coded the health system and First Boss Encounter
  • Ran Programmer meetings and check-ins
  • In whatever free moments people had during the September-June 2016 school year.

Small-Scale Projects

Shroommates (Prototype)

Pre-GUI screenshot of the mushroom hiding up on the window sill

Mushroom at a size even larger than their human roommate

A prototype for our Senior Game Design Series

  • Shroommates is a goofy stealth game where you play as a mushroom sneaking around an apartment trying to grow as big as you can without being caught.
  • Our team's first foray into the Unreal Engine.
  • Built in Unreal (C++). GitHub
MY ROLE: Lead Programmer
  • Two weeks during October 2017

AI as AI Behavior Designer

The ten AI's duking it out

Graphs comparing our initial AI curves to the dominant ones after ten rounds

A Self designing, Utility based AI for an open source Bomberman clone

  • We put the constants that transformed the curves that govern a utility AI into an array for a geneic algorithm to tweak.
  • Up to 10 AI's could play 10 games. The best one each round would be the base for the next 10.
  • Found an amusing tendency for AI's that didn't lay bombs to often have a dominant strategy.
  • Made for my Game AI class in a group of three.
  • Game and AI in Python. GitHub
MY ROLE: Programmer
  • Used base-game to create a danger-map for AI to interpret world
  • Converted game's initial AI code to integrate with our code
  • Over the course of three weeks for our final project. December 2016

Thank You Note Website

Splash Page users start on

Card Page filled with the thank you notes from students

A website that allows students to thank their guest speakers

  • Pages are fully responsive and animate when moving between each other.
  • Notes are loaded from back-end.
  • Built for the Tech4Good Lab.
MY ROLE: Programmer
  • I built the website based off a provided design. Built with Angular 4.
  • Made during the 2017 Fall Quarter. (October-December 2017)

Pixelizer Shader

Video of the final interactive scene

Pixelizer being applied over caustics and an image of my professor

A simple shader that pixelizes its input

MY ROLE: Pixelizer Shader
  • One week during March 2018

Procedural Content Generation

Website Layout and Styling Generator

The replica of the myUCSC webpage

One possible result from the generator

An HTML and CSS scrambler of a webpage frequented by students of my school.

  • A replica of a school web page was broken down into HTML and CSS Grammars that are used to reorder and restyle the webpage.
  • Buttons control which parts of the replica are re-rolled.
  • Built with Tracery and jQuery (Javascript). Build your own MyUCSC here!
MY ROLE: Almost Everything
  • Two weeks in December 2017

Smaller Assignments

Glitch Resampling of a source image. Detective Comics (2011) #44. Link

Tracery powering a roasting "Twitterbot". The bot is also able to reply. Link

A Markov Chain was made from a Batman wiki which generates nonsense Batman lore. Link

A genetic algorithm tries to recreate this screenshot from Monument Valley with polygons. Link

Game Jam Projects

Hide Your Boner

The main game takes place where you must hide your boner

If you're able to start a relationship you're able to collect Fond Memories

Our assignment was to make an Endless Runner in 3 days

  • A joke about my teenage years my friends insisted I make
  • Textbooks can be used to give yourself some visible cover.
  • Most assets are from Open Game Art
  • Built in Phaser (JavaScript).
  • Playable in-browser here
MY ROLE: Everything
  • Three Days in April 2017


Title Screen

Macrowave in the arena against some pizza rolls

Made for Global Game Jam 2017

  • Our prompt was "waves"
  • Made with the Game Design Art Collaboration club
  • Built in Unity (C#). Link
MY ROLE: Programmer
  • Designed the health system
  • Two-Three Days in January 2017