She drew

The Martian

Charcoal on Paper


A portrait of Matt Damon from his role in The Martian

In the fall of 2015, I took an art class at Diablo Valley College.
A passionate art student, I was excited to take a class that genuinely interested me.
When the semester came to a close, my professor was conflicted on whether I should earn an A or a B.
Mind you, I was on the border and the class didn't have pluses or minuses.
Much to my dismay, my chum bucket professor decided I was deserving of a B.
Out of spite, I drew The Martian to prove myself and my artistic skill (at the time this was drawn I thought this was really great).

chum bucket n. one who makes poor choices

Some fun facts General methods:
  1. Find a photo or image to grid
  2. Grid the paper very lightly
  3. Use soft graphite to draw the original image, using the grids to maintain the integrity of the proportions
  4. Erase the grid
  5. Cover the paper with charcoal dust
  6. Develop the image based on the faintly visible graphite by an erasing (draw by taking away)

Breathtaking hyperrealistic charcoal art

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